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The Black Girl Bill of Rights Poster

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At the historic Black Girl Movement Conference in 2016, Black girls from across the US gathered to imagine a world that values them and where all girls and women of color could contribute ideas to create a world that they would want to live in. This is their founding document.

Based on the United States Bill of Rights, we’ve created the Black Girls Declaration of Freedom and Humanity. It declares the rights and privileges that Black girls and women deserve in order to thrive in our contemporary society. Created in partnership with Black girls across the country, we will present our bill to the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls to advance issues and legislation important to the welfare of women and girls of African descent.

We, Black girls, women, and gender-expansive youth deserve the right to exist with love, care, and a commitment to our needs. We stand united in our desire to be affirmed and celebrated in our Blackness in our communities and on every institutional and systemic level.

The Black Girl Bill of Rights 18 x 24 in. poster is printed on 175 gsm matte fine art paper.